What is the “NESST” material ?

NESST is not a pseudo simulant odor. It is a form of non-detonable explosive material. Grains of sterile silica sand are coated with a fine powder of pure explosive material, (i.e., TNT, RDX, Petn, etc.). This creates a material that is stable and non-detonable yet produces the target scent signature vapor of pure explosives. By covering particles of silica in this manner the material is not only buffered but an exponentially greater surface area is produced. The increased surface area results in a dynamic increase of vapor being generated per weight compared to more solid materials.

Nesst cannot be detonated yet provides the actual explosive scent signature for K9 training.


NESST may be used for the training of explosive detection K9’s. It allows for more convenient ,(less restricted), use than that required of detonable materials. Storage and transportation concerns related to safety are eliminated. Handlers can now safely store, carry, and transport training aids. This allows for simple access in order to provide regular reinforcement/maintenance training resulting in more reliable team performance.


When a K9 encounters a NESST explosive product it encounters a major vapor headspace of target explosive material. Sterile silica is consistently used as a carrier. Silica is a commonly found ambient material. Dogs are verified and proofed off of both an uncoated version of the silica and the container as part of the imprinting/introduction process. This insures recognition accuracy.