A trial, conducted by the largest veterinary laboratory in the world, compared hundreds of raw food for dogs with dry dog food. This trial found that dogs fed fresh meat are significantly healthier The following, is just some of the benefits gained from changing a dogs a glossy, black labrador sitting on the grassCoat Condition

The first physical change will be in the coat. Up to 40% of the protein a dog eats goes into their skin and coat! Thus when a dog is fed a low meat protein, cereal based diet (most dry foods) they will not have the protein spare to grow a healthy coat. In general raw dog food is high in fresh meat (protein) and fresh fat, which work together to fuel a luxurious coat, like the one you can see on Hector above (not a doctored image!). Muscle Tone

Dogs are carnivore’s, meaning all they need to eat is protein (and fat). When fed this diet, they will shed the carbohydrate-fuelled fat to reveal their beautiful, sleek, firm body. Raw food for dogs is nearly always void of cereal filler (carbohydrates) which is central to getting a dogs weight and muscle tone right. Can you imagine a guy going to the gym to bulk up on a diet of 50% bread? Protein is the building blocks of muscle, organs, skin, hair and joints. There is no alternative.
a black and white image of a dog with his mouth openDental Hygiene

Cutting out dry kibble and offering a dog some meat on the bone improves dental hygiene and reduces bad breath (9/10 dry fed dogs suffer gum disease by 2 years and 9/10 are dry fed). Kibble bounces off the teeth, so now there is specially formulated “dental types”. Unfortunately, the fact that dogs have no amylase in their saliva (it breaks down carbohydrate sugars in the mouth), means that the sugars in these dry food products fuel bacteria growth leading to poor dental health and hygiene (plaque, tartar, calculus, gingivitis, periodontal disease). Put simply, dogs need fresh meaty bones to clean their teeth, not cooked, raw. Here’s how to feed bones to dogs safely. Behaviour

The improvement in behaviour from raw dog food is primarily due to the removal of dry food from the diet. This is why the top behaviourists recommend it.